Our Mission is to provide a platform where future learners can make informed and accurate decisions to better their education.

Our Story

We have recently made the transition from secondary education to tertiary education and found the process of choosing courses quite stressful. This was due to the large variety of subjects on offer and no easy way of comparing or filtering through options in one place. Each institution has their own websites and promotes their own courses making it difficult to evaluate all options. Both Ben and Emily changed their subjects twice in their first year due to not being fully aware about the different subjects on offer.

It was after discussing this with friends and family we realised that many others had had this issue and wondered why this was the case. We conducted research with secondary school students in Christchurch, New Zealand, and found that more than half of the students weren't completely happy with the resources given to them in order to choose tertiary courses.

From there we sat down and began creating a product that would help secondary students search, compare and discover courses.

Our Team


Benjamin Howes
CEO & Co-Founder


Emily Miller
COO & Co-Founder


Hamish Waters
CTO & Co-Founder